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The Vegan List is a vegan business directory that is searchable by category and location. You can find new businesses local to you, list your own business or add your favorite spots so others can learn about them. Here you will find not only food but professional services and organizations. Please share with your friends.

How the site works

View Business Listings

Find vegan businesses in a specific area or category. You can find information and reviews about your favorite or new businesses as well as organizations. You may also share your experience with any business by adding your review.

Rate & Review Businesses

Rate and review vegan businesses, professional people, services, and organizations. Let them know your thoughts about their products & services. They will also be able to respond to you! Your experiences will helpful to the community.

List A Business

If you own an all vegan business or organization, or you’re just a fan of an all vegan business you can list it here! Basic listings (which aren’t all that basic) are absolutely free! Featured listings are available for a low cost, as is display advertising.


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